Virtual Hospitality Management Software

Harness the power of streamlined operations with the best hotel management software available.

Hotel management professionals face a cornucopia of challenges every day. Perhaps the greatest among them is not having the right cloud based technology solution to solve their problems. Now they do.

Virtual Hospitality Management Software

Mismanagement of assets can quickly lead to negative guest experiences and lost revenue.

A positive guest experience is key to encouraging repeat visits, building a respected brand, and generating revenue growth. However, mismanagement of key assets can lead to lost room revenue and negative outcomes that reverberate throughout your entire operation. Improvement is needed at the operational level, focusing on efficiencies and time saving strategies that result in a better management process, workflow, and ROI.

SpaceIntel’s virtual interactive universal platform leverages the power of 3D interactivity and predictive analytics to solve operational pain points so your team can focus on its main goal – occupant safety and happier guests.

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Don’t let limited on-site resources or unknown conditions create negative guest experiences

We understand the challenges of managing costs and maximizing your assets, teams, and brand reputation in the hospitality industry.

Our goal is to help you maximize productivity and reduce operating costs with user-friendly virtual hospitality software that combines powerful artificial intelligence and predictive analytics features. Some of the operational and long term benefits of cloud-based hotel property management are:

Geolocation to find immediate support for guests requests

Geolocation to find immediate support for guest requests

Decrease time spent on guest issues

Save time spent on guest issues

Improved integration with property amenities

Improved integration with property amenities

Empowering guests to virtually interact with the room

Easy to use interface allowing guests to virtually interact with their hotel room

Intelligent tracking for food ordering

Intelligent point of sale tracking for food ordering

Viewing of virtual public spaces such as workout area, pool, etc.

Viewing of virtual public spaces such as workout area, pool, etc.

Improved guest experience potentially added in resort fees driving better value

Happier guests potentially adding in resort fees to drive better value

Innovative real time service, empowering guests

Innovative real time service, empowering guests

Data intelligence to analyze and improve operations year-over-year

Revenue management tools for reporting, analyzing, and improving hotel operations

Smart technology to offer guests a unique and ownable experience

Smart technology offers your guests a unique and ownable experience

Public space usage tracking

Easily track public space usage

Preventative maintenance history and tracking

Preventative hotel maintenance history and tracking

The process to increase facilities management efficiency is simple.

Request a Demo

Request a Demo

We’ll schedule an interactive demo with you to present the power of the SpaceIntel platform.

Review Proposal

Review Proposal

After we understand your scope, we’ll review our recommendation with you in detail.

Launch Service

Launch Service

Our experts will work with and train your staff to ensure maximum efficiencies from your use of the platform.

Learn, Adapt, Maximize

Learn, Adapt, Maximize

We’ll continue to work with your staff to ensure the platform is being used to its full potential to decrease efficiency roadblocks, streamline operations, and increase your company’s success.

A growing to-do list could mean your hotel management system is broken.

In hotel management, problems are bound to crop up. But if your team’s to-do list is growing beyond its capacity, it could mean your property management system is broken. Not addressing the problem isn’t an option.

SpaceIntel provides an as-living window of visibility into your entire portfolio, bringing all your hotels to a single platform to elevate management’s ability to streamline operations, assign and monitor tasks, motivate staff, reduce costs and do it all efficiently, virtually, and remotely.

A growing to-do list can mean your facilities management system is broken.

It’s time to start reducing redundant costs and improving the guest experience.

With SpaceIntel you will improve the satisfaction levels of your guests and employees while improving occupancy rates and lowering operational costs.

Prepare to realize reductions in facility and capital expenses as well as costly in-person onsite visits. No need for traveling between independent properties that are spread out. SpaceIntel brings your entire portfolio to a single interactive, cloud-based platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most pressing challenges faced by hotel management professionals?

Property managers and property management companies in the hotel industry face a roster of challenges in their daily operations in the areas of housekeeping, repairs, resource allocation, staff management, and food and beverage operations.

At the operational level, improvement is needed focused on efficiencies and time saving strategies that result in better workflow. SpaceIntel’s 3D cloud-based management solution empowers your team to manage spaces remotely, maximize workforce production, drive accountability, and improve staff morale.

And at the management level, SpaceIntel’s property management software has functionality and features that translate critical space utilization data into actionable insights.

How does the virtual hospitality management platform work?

Our hotel software platform is an automated artificial intelligence integration that maps any space into a virtual reality model with an ability to tag any objects with key data points and workflow functions. The hotel software continually learns based on data received thereby proactively recognizing objects and helping to guide system users through the necessary corrective operations while producing predictive recommendations.

How can this system help my various teams work more efficiently?

Efficiencies are always tied to inefficiencies. If there are breakdowns at one end of the operation, they will ultimately be felt at the other end.

For example, the property management system by SpaceIntel provides seamless system-wide interactivity so hotel guest requests for supplies and amenities can be expedited quickly and efficiently, freeing up management from hours of frustrating phone calls between housekeeping, maintenance, room service, and guest rooms.

Are the features built into SpaceIntel’s cloud-based hospitality management software only applicable to large hotel chains or is it equally adept at solving problems for boutique independent hotels too?

It is very easy to use our virtual hotel management software at scale. Whether you manage multiple properties, large chains, independent hotels, guest houses, or even a single vacation rental, our 3D hotel management software has virtual capabilities that make it possible to efficiently manage tasks, staff and resources to streamline your entire operation. It is the ideal cloud based property management solution.

What if I already have a hotel management system that helps manage reservations, point of sale, and makes guest check-in and check-out easier?

It is easy to set up and integrate SpaceIntel’s virtual hospitality management software with your current hotel management software. We work closely with your team throughout implementation, and continue to support your staff to ensure the software is being used to its full potential.