Virtual Facilities Management Software

Revolutionizing facilities management through proprietary virtual interactive technology.

SpaceIntel software combines artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to deliver a sustainably more efficient facility management experience across your entire portfolio of real estate properties, hotels, quick service restaurants, commercial office and retail banking operations.

Don’t let limited resources or unknown conditions cripple your ability to manage efficiently and remain profitable.

Like most industries, facilities management has been rocked by recent global upheavals resulting in labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and challenges to remain competitive and profitable with greatly reduced resources.

And yet, your company’s goals remain the same: To improve the experience of your customers, grow repeat business, build a positive reputation, and show a consistent positive ROI.

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We understand the challenges and offer the only all-in-one virtual interactive solution.

SpaceIntel is the only company able to provide you with an as-living window of visibility into your entire portfolio, bringing all your facilities into one platform and giving management and facilities managers the ability to run operations and ongoing maintenance virtually.

Utilizing SpaceIntel’s artificial intelligence and predictive analytics tools, your entire team gains critical insights that lower maintenance and labor costs, while improving team culture and increasing efficiency and overall savings.

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Operating

Minimize Redundant Staffing
Minimize Redundant
Centralized Project Management

Centralized Facility

Eliminate Unnecessary Travel
Eliminate Unnecessary
Remote Management From Anywhere

Remote Management
From Anywhere

Centralized Communication


Predictive Maintenance / Internet of Things Integration

Predictive Maintenance /
IoT Integration

Info Sharing in One Universal Language

Intelligence Sharing in One Universal Language

Development of Trend Analysis

Development of
Trend Analysis

For All

The productivity and maintenance care applications for a universal remote virtual facilities management platform are endless.
Hospitality Industry


Improve your guest experience with on-demand virtual asset, facility and equipment management.

Commercial Office Industry

Commercial Office

With virtual tours, you can easily manage all of your office locations big and small from anywhere in the world.



Maximize efficiency, extend equipment life cycles, and elevate patient care with SpaceIntel – the future of healthcare facility insight and management.

Manufacturing Industry


Manage your equipment maintenance tickets and general building operations and processes with greater efficiency.

Retail & Banking Industry

Retail & Banking

Maintain every aspect of your customer-facing facilities as well as your employee-facing operations.

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The process to increase facilities management efficiency is simple.

Request a Demo

Request a Demo

We’ll schedule an interactive demo with you to present the power of the SpaceIntel platform.

Review Proposal

Review Proposal

After we understand your scope, we’ll review our recommendation with you in detail.

Launch Service

Launch Service

Our experts will work with and train your staff to ensure maximum efficiencies from your use of the platform.

Learn, Adapt, Maximize

Learn, Adapt, Maximize

We’ll continue to work with your staff to ensure the platform is being used to its full potential to decrease efficiency roadblocks, streamline operations, and increase your company’s success.

It’s time to start reducing redundant costs and increasing organizational efficiencies.

Make unorganized and untimely repairs a thing of the past. Let SpaceIntel’s powerful virtual interactive facility management platform help your facility managers avoid reactive interventions and be more reliant on predictive and preventative maintenance.

With SpaceIntel’s computerized maintenance management system, your facility managers will be empowered to make mission critical facilities management decisions from anywhere in the world, straight from their device.


Increased Data Capture
with Virtualization


Reduction in Travel


Reduction in Existing
Conditions / Due Diligence


Reduction in Issue Resolution


Pushing Preventative to
25% Predictive


Virtual Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is facilities management software?

The best virtual facility management software helps keep track of goals and enables everything to run smoothly while being more manageable. Virtual Facility management software is a web-based solution to help reduce the costs of maintaining the facility. It improves the flow of information throughout the departments, boosts operational efficiencies, and expands your facility management capabilities.

SpaceIntel is raising the bar on property technology by creating a single virtual reality and transverse reality platform through which all of your facility and hotel operations can be managed in real time.

Why is facilities management software important?

Virtual facilities management software gives management a bird’s eye view of the entire facility and helps your company reduce associated space and maintenance costs while increasing productivity and the efficient use of your other assets. Computer-aided facility management is an effective solution that allows managers to plan, execute, and monitor various functions including facility maintenance, inventory and asset tracking, service issues, scheduling equipment repairs, and addressing customer needs in a timely manner.

What are the benefits of facility management software?

For a business to run effectively, every cog needs to provide support. But the larger and more complex your workplace becomes, the more cogs there are to manage. Here are just a few items with which facility management software can make a significant difference:

Asset tracking and management
Tracking assets and budgets through spreadsheets is a thing of the past. You need a system that enables users to track key data points in real time and share them across operational disciplines and teams.

System of record
Your facilities’ needs evolve, making a record system crucial in understanding and meeting these demands. Tracking historical costs, trends, and changes over time is one of the critical benefits of a facility management software platform.

Cost analysis
Cost governs everything in the workplace. Knowing how much something costs or what recurring costs your company faces is essential, but these amounts are far from the total cost of operating your core business. Facilities management analysis provides insight into the costs of keeping your workplace running.

Your workplace is getting smarter. The benefits of integrated facilities management support helps to grow business operations at-scale. Investing in and managing connected mobile devices so teams stay informed and responsive is key for better facilities management and decision-making.

Each benefit of virtual facilities management software contributes to a well-run, efficient, and productive workplace. Through proactive facilities management, business executives know more about the essential part of the company: the workplace. And with critical insights comes innovation, improvements, and the ability to make better business decisions.