Virtual Facilities Management Software

Simplify your facilities management with the only universal remote virtual management platform.

SpaceIntel combines virtual reality, 3D interactivity, and predictive analytics to deliver your organization a sustainably more efficient facility management experience.

Don’t let limited on-site resources or unknown conditions cripple your organization’s facility management.

Numerous platforms and siloed data often result in inefficient communication, numerous costly trips and wasted time to solve issues across your organization. This results in higher operating costs, customer frustrations, bad working conditions, additional staffing, and additional training. Empower your current and future facilities management staff with one centralized remote platform.

Don’t let limited on-site resources or unknown conditions cripple your organization’s facility management.

We understand the frustrations and disorder of tracking things down in so many different systems.

Lack of cohesive technology can severely bog down efficiencies across your organization. Our goal is to help you maximize production and reduce operating cost with one universal remote platform. Some of the benefits realized through the use of SpaceIntel’s application are:

Reduced Operating Costs

Reduced Operating

Minimize Redundant Staffing
Minimize Redundant
Centralized Project Management

Centralized Project

Eliminate Unnecessary Travel
Eliminate Unnecessary
Remote Management From Anywhere

Remote Management
From Anywhere

Centralized Communication


Predictive Maintenance / Internet of Things Integration

Predictive Maintenance /
IoT Integration

Info Sharing in One Universal Language

Info Sharing in One
Universal Language

Development of Trend Analysis

Development of
Trend Analysis

For All

The applications for a universal remote virtual facilities management platform are endless.

Hospitality Industry


Improve your guest experience with on-demand virtual asset, facility and equipment management.

Commercial Office Industry

Commercial Office

Manage all of your office locations big and small from anywhere in the world.

Quick Service Retail Industry

Quick Service Restaurant

Stay ahead of restaurant equipment repairs, inventory management, and cost overruns due to delays.

Manufacturing Industry


Manage your equipment maintenance tickets and general building operations and processes more efficiently.

Retail & Banking Industry

Retail & Banking

Maintain every aspect of your customer facing spaces as well as your employee facing operations.

Ready to Get Started?

The process to increase facilities management efficiency is simple.

Request a Demo

Request a Demo

We’ll schedule an interactive demo with you to illustrate the power of the SpaceIntel platform.

Review Proposal

Review Proposal

After we understand your scope, we’ll review our recommendation with you in detail.

Launch Service

Launch Service

Our experts will work with and train your staff to ensure maximum efficiencies from your use of the platform.

Learn, Adapt, Maximize

Learn, Adapt, Maximize

We’ll continue to work with your staff to ensure the platform is getting used to its full potential.

It’s time to start reducing redundant costs and increasing organizational efficiencies.

Make unorganized and untimely repairs a thing of the past. Let SpaceIntel’s universal platform help your organization become less reactive and more preventative. We’ll help you accomplish this through use of virtual intelligence software that empowers your staff to make mission critical facilities management decisions from anywhere in the world, straight from their device.


Increased Data Capture
with Virtualization


Reduction in Travel


Reduction in Existing
Conditions / Due Diligence


Reduction in Issue Resolution


Pushing Preventative to
25% Predictive


Virtual Data